Uncategorized Boulder County Replacement Rate The market frenzy continues in most areas and price points in Boulder County. Stories of multiple offers and buyers fiercely battling for new homes hitting the market far outweigh the stories of homes sitting for more than the first week. I’ve heard of buyers offering 15%, 20% and 25% over asking to rise to the […]
Uncategorized Unprecedented Under Contract Numbers in Boulder County The activity in the Boulder County market remains very strong as we move into Spring and a time period where we normally see even more strength. I’ve been trying to find a way to convey to my clients just how atypical the last few months have been and have settled on showing them the charts […]
Uncategorized 2020 Sales Price to Asking Price ratios This should be the last of my 2020 market review articles where I look at the percentage of homes selling for asking price or better and how that metric has trended over time. The data I used for this chart has had any sales concessions deducted from the sales price and is for the ratio […]
Uncategorized 2020 Boulder County Sales recap Time to take a look back at the 2020 sales numbers for the Boulder County real estate market. As is usual, these stats are IRES data only and may miss sales only attributed in REColorado and any sales not reported to an MLS system. Due to the duplication problems between the MLS systems, I am […]
Uncategorized Early read on 2020 Boulder County single family sales Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and New Year’s! I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the how the market fared as we have most of the 2020 numbers in. I’ll be collecting, digesting, and analyzing the full 2020 numbers once they have all been reported in January of 2021. I have […]
Uncategorized Q3 2020 FHFA HPI update Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! This month I wanted to share the latest FHFA Third Quarter data for their House Price Index (HPI) and also the new conforming loan limits for 2021. From the HPI report: U.S. house prices rose 7.8 percent from the third quarter of 2019 to the third quarter of 2020 […]
Uncategorized Data share is back, Hoorah!/Oh Crud! Data share is back between the two local MLS systems, hoorah!  Data share is back between the two local MLS systems, oh crud, there goes my confidence in all of the statistics! Let me start by saying that having the data share back between IRES and REColorado is objectively a wonderful thing for all local […]
Uncategorized More Condos on the Market? Lately, as I’ve been watching my daily hotsheets, I’ve noticed an apparent shift in the number of condos for sale in Boulder County with many more attached homes showing up than what feels like normal. Whenever I notice something like this, my first step is actually look at our market data to see if the […]
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Uncategorized Second Quarter FHFA HPI update I thought I’d take a break from COVID this month and look at the FHFA HPI data for the Second Quarter of 2020. This is the most recent dataset which was just released and probably has some COVID effect in the numbers but not the full extent of the COVID downturn or resurgence. I find […]
Uncategorized Here be Dragons For many price points and areas, the typically slower summer remains red-hot in Boulder County. Surprisingly, in the middle of a global pandemic and a divisive election year, the County is seeing a higher percentage of homes under contract than we’ve seen since 2016 and we may still be climbing! We did have a strong […]
Uncategorized The COVID Roller Coaster We continue to ride the COVID roller coaster with its dizzying plunges and upward swoops. Below is another look at how four metrics are tracking this year compared to last year; the numbers of single family homes Sold, Available, Total Listings and Under Contracts. Some thoughts on this chart. All of these metrics are comparing […]
Uncategorized Buyer Demand versus Seller Desire I think many of us are surprised by the strength in the local market during this time of COVID. I know I keep sifting and analyzing the tea leaves of the numbers trying to determine the direction we’re headed. Recently, I decided to take a look back over the last year and compare the number […]
Uncategorized COVID Market Update The elephant is still loitering in the corner of my home office as the COVID pandemic continues its upheaval of the local real estate market. I find it hard to remember myself the timeline of how the pandemic has played out in our state. As a refresher, our first confirmed Colorado case occurred on March […]
Uncategorized The elephant in the home office There’s an elephant looking over my shoulder as I write this month’s stats article from my home office, “COVID-19”. The question on all of our minds is; how big an impact is this currently having and going to have for both the short term and the long term? We can actually get fairly good real […]
Uncategorized Q3 FHFA Data The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) just released their Third Quarter House Price Index (HPI) data. As you can see in the chart below, Boulder, Denver and Colorado remain off their 2016 peaks in annual price appreciation yet remained clustered in the positive appreciation area right around 10% annual appreciation, not too shabby.  This might […]
Uncategorized Latest FHFA Home Price Appreciation Numbers The latest FHFA House Price Index (HPI) data came out for the First Quarter of 2018 and I thought I’d spend some time on those stats.  You’ll see in the chart below that the Boulder County MSA, the metro Denver MSA and the State of Colorado are all off their peaks in appreciation as our […]
Uncategorized What’s the High-End – Part II Last month we talked about what a high-end home was. After looking at the data for Boulder County for the last 16 years, I came up with the answer that the top 3% of the market was the high-end. In the raw data, there was a hitch in many years when you reached that 3% […]
Uncategorized What’s the “High-End”? This month I want to chat about an issue that has been bugging me for some time.  What is a high-end property? You’ll frequently see statistics, articles and analysis of the over One Million Dollar market, but with the average sales price of a single family home in the City of Boulder at $1.09M in […]
Uncategorized 2017 Sales Price to List Price Ratios Another article this month looking back at how 2017 played out compared to previous years.  This month I want to take a look at sales price to list price ratios.  This year, as in previous years, I’ve removed seller concessions from the sales prices, hopefully making these sales price to list price ratios as accurate […]
Uncategorized 2017 Boulder County Market Recap A new year and a new bunch of stats to sift through for meaning. It definitely seems as if the market is shifting, but some strong performance at the end of the year and a strong start in 2018 has me debating where we’re headed. This year is also the first year without data share […]